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Joy Doll Hospital 

This wonderful program was created by a homeschool student who takes in American dolls and fixes them and then donates them to kids in Hospitals, Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center and orphanages... (they have been members of REACH for many years) and now REACH is going to partner with them to collect dolls, new or gently used or handmade 18" doll clothing and donations of Target or Amazon gift cards for supplies...

Learning and practicing as a doll doctor led to a lot of extra doll parts, materials, and tools. Some of the tools were actually homemade inventions. Doctoring the dolls started out of necessity, became a hobby, and finally a business as she became practiced and skilled. Knowledge of her abilities began to spread through her community. It didn’t take long for her house to become a doll hospital. Every doll in the neighborhood that needed some attention lined up awaiting their turn.

Leah had occasion to notice a sign in her travels which pointed out a girls’ home. The concept was a foreign one, prompting Leah to inquire about it to her parents. Learning of the existence of real-life orphanages shocked Leah. We can all accept that orphans and orphanages were a thing for Oliver Twist or Annie. How often do we think about them in a modern context?

Leah's goal is to gather, restore and gift 50 dolls into the arms of little girls living in Children's homes before Christmas...

So if you have any of the above you can donate please drop off at the Church the month of Dec and I will make sure that Mrs. Barcus gets the items...

Very proud of Leah - I know in the past her mom taught an American Doll Club for REACH and that her passion and love of the dolls took her to this new route and now she blesses others with dolls.