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REACH Homeschool Events 

REACH is a very active group - we average 30 to 80 events per month.  We have something for kids of all ages.. The website is a sample of the things that REACH offers - We post all of our events on our Facebook page - SO once you are a member you will be added to our FB group page so you can get info on all of our events...

Homeschool Gymnastics Classes - Aug 16th - runs monthly - FULL EVENT

Classes will be held in Stafford - Classes will run monthly on Mondays starting Aug 16th to May of 2022. 

See the facebook post for cost and location....

Ages 4-6 9:30-10:30 am

Ages 7-9 10:30-11:30 am

Ages 9+ 11:30-12:30 am

Homeschool Survival Crash Courses - Runs Aug to Nov..

Course that we offered last year and we are bringing them back for this upcoming school year- all of these events are done outside.. Even if you took a class last year you can attend another one or two below as he has added additional material and new things to each of the programs below.

The cost of each class is $40.00 per student and 40.00 per adult. One adult must attend with their student unless it is the teens - he will still need 1 or 2 teen parents to help assist - so this event is per person

Here are the dates for this upcoming school year 2021....

8 and Up Class - September 9, 1-5 pm

4-8 Class - September 16, 1-5 pm

Teen Class - September 30, 1-5 pm

8 and Up Class - October 7, 1-5 pm

8 and Up Class - October 21, 1-5 pm

4-8 Class - October 28, 1-5 pm

8 and Up Class - November 4, 1-5 pm

Teen Class - November 11, 1-5 pm

8 and Up Class - November 18, 1-5 pm

There is a limit of 20 total including parents and a min of 5 to hold each class....

Learn to be SAFER and have more fun in the outdoors by taking a hands-on survival class!

Professional survival instructor Tim MacWelch has been teaching outdoor skills since 1995 and has written more than a dozen books on the subject matter.  His school Advanced Survival Training will be hosting a series of Kid's Survival Crash Courses on Thursday afternoons this fall. Most of these will be open to ages 8 and up. A few will be for teens only, and a few will be specially designed for ages 4-8.

All of these Homeschool Survival Crash Courses will be running from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm on scheduled days

FOR ALL THE DETAILS visit the REACH Facebook group page and to rsvp

Meet and Greet at Gourmeltz in Fredburg - Sept 2021

Meet and Greet at Gourmeltz in Fredburg.

They are excited to have us attend... They will have the inside and outside open for seating....

Made from scratch - We set ourselves apart from the rest by cooking our ingredients from scratch. All of our meats are smoked, grilled, or roasted right here. Everything is done in-house down to our sauces, so you most definitely can't get this anywhere else!

Gourmeltz is a Veteran & Wounded Warrior locally owned & operated business that began as a food truck in 2016. We strive to be more than just another restaurant by setting an atmosphere full of nostalgia that anyone who loves the 90's can appreciate. Come join us for a great meal, craft beer, or cocktail in the friendliest of family environments while watching your favorite old school music videos on our 7 65" flat screens.

Address is 10013 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredburg - off of rt 1 near Sonics at Cosner's Corner....

Soil, Soil Everywhere - Hands on Science class - Sept 2nd and 16th

Sept 2nd and Sept 16th - two dates are being offered - Limit 40 students per date - All grades welcome for this event.. THE COST IS FREE - 

Tri-County/City Soil & Water District is offering several programs for the REACH group for the upcoming school year 

some will be outdoors and some will be indoors... 

The 1st one for Sept we are doing is Soil, Soil Everywhere....Intro hands-on soil science program that focuses on texture, ID, soil importance in ag an the watershed... they will have around 9 workstations for the kids to see and touch....

Program times are 10:30-11:30am and 1-2pm - this is an outdoor event so dress for the weather - 

For all the details and to rsvp see our Facebook group page

Homeschool Bowling League - Starts Sept 7th 

Homeschool Bowling will return in the fall.. We will be bowling on Tuesday's starting Sept 7th at 9:30am... Kids and adults can bowl - you will do 2 games and your shoes will be included in the price of bowling. the cost to bowl is 7.50 per person

Also if you bowl on the league you will get a bowling card to use to get 2 FREE games of bowling each week and discount off of food purchases from the snack bar.  Bowling will run for 12 weeks -- starts Sept 7th and ends Nov 23rd. Bowling usually runs us about 2 hrs 9:30-11:30am.. depending on how many are bowling there will be 3 or 4 on a lane.

Meet & Great at Pots & Palettes - Sept 7th and 21st 

Meet and Greet at Pots and Palettes - Come and meet other homeschoolers and do some pottery painting at the same time - Come and support a small business who opened their doors to us last year and hosted us for classes...

The cost of this event will determine the price of the pottery that you pick out to paint - parents and kids can both do this event

We are limited to 18 per timeframe so that each person that has attended has time to finish their pottery piece...

Chuck E Cheeses - Fredburg - Sept 2021

Meet and Greet - Sept 2021 at Chuck E Cheeses - see your facebook post for all the details...

Beginning Art Classes with Mrs Sandy - Church - Sept 8th

 Beginning Art Classes with Mrs Sandra Morgenstern - the next 6 week classes start on Sept 8th and run to the 13th of Oct. 

This 6 weeks the class will do Pencils and Pastel drawings... (IF you have not taken Mrs Sandy's class then you will 

register for the beginning class unless you speak with Mrs Sandy and she feels your child can move to the advance classes on Friday

THIS IS LIMITED TO 10 students per timeframe.....

Wed Sept 8th - 11-1pm is for ages 6 to 9

Wed sept 8th - 1-3pm is for ages 10 to 12

Wed sept 8th - 3-5pm is for ages 13 and up...

She will post out a list of supplies needed for this class shortly...then you the parent will be responsible for getting the 

materials needed for the 6 week class.....

Spy Academy Workshop - Sept 2021 - FULL EVENT

The Science Place Sept 2021 from 10am to 11am - Limit 25 students. This is for K to 7th graders..

This month is SPY ACADEMY....Learn the science behind spying. Try to defeat a laser security grid. Learn how night vision gear works and try it out. Learn code-writing and breaking and how satellite surveillance is used not just for spying but also for scientific research. Make your own invisible ink to take home and learn chemistry that will say the day when you test for poison at an embassy party...  

See the Facebook group page for all the details...

REACH Young Author's Writing Club - Sept 8th or 10th

Do you like to write - have a story to tell?

REACH Authors’ Club "Writing and illustrating your own book" starting Wed and Friday Sept 8th or 10th, 2021.

Class will run weekly on Wed and or on Fridays from 9:00 am - 11:00 am for 6 weeks - Class is taught by Mrs Sandra Morgenstern

Wed's class from 9-11am is for students ages 6-12 and Friday's class from 9-11am is for students 13 and up...

If you are interested comment below and plmk which date and how many to participate.


Authors, I commend each of you on this new adventure in your writing and illustrations of your own 

books looking forward to working with you, Miss Sandy.


Writing your story at home. You must have your story completed by the time your class starts - you will be illustrating pictures to match your story...

2. Must take a 6-week watercolor class, (two hour classes).

3. Will illustrate pictures for their book

.4. Each author must have parental approval of your story. This includes Approval of Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

5. Please hand in your story typed to Miss Sandy when finished.

6. Please include a photo yourself with a biography when you turn in your typed story.


Important Information For You To Read & Know!  

A supply list will also be available - see Ms. Sandy at sign-up for classes on Aug 13th

One published book at no cost. If you wish to place an order, (price not known at this time).

Address will be available at the sign-up of classes.

Books go to print and be returned first part of December

If you would like to have a (Copyright & ISBN) that will be your responsibility and cost

Note ISBN - International Standard Book Number]

Pre-Teen and Teen Club - Reclaim Arcade - Sept 2021

See the facebook post for all the details - the Pre-teen and Teen clubs will meet monthly at Reclaim Arcade 

for fun, fellowship and food.  

Advanced Art Classes with Mrs Sandy - Church  - Sept 10th 

Advanced Art Classes with Mrs Sandra Morgenstern - the next 6 week classes start on Sept 8th and run to the 13th of Oct. 

This 6 weeks the class will do Pencils and Pastel drawings... 

(for those that took Mrs Sandy's class last year you are being moved to advanced classes which run on Fridays)...

THIS IS LIMITED TO 10 students per timeframe.....

Friday Sept 10th - 11-1pm is for ages 6 to 9

Friday Sept 10th - 1-3pm is for ages 10 to 12

Friday Sept10th - 3-5pm is for ages 13 and up...

She will post out a list of supplies needed for this class shortly...then you the parent will be responsible for 

getting the materials needed for the 6 week class.....

Come From Away - Lincoln Memorial - Sept 10th

A free one-night-only concert version of the Tony and Olivier Award-winning musical “Come From Away” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial - Date is Sept 10th at 6pm.... (NO TICKET IS NEEDED) - This show is wonderful but it does have some language in it - it is recommended for children 10 and up....Members of the Come From Away company will star in this 100-minute concert in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The concert at the Lincoln Memorial marks the return of live performance for Ford’s Theatre and the first time since March 2020 that music from the musical will be performed publicly for a live audience in the United States. The event features modified concert staging with minimal props and costumes. The performance is offered rain or shine.

Come From Away tells the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded passengers on September 11, 2001, and the small town in Newfoundland that welcomed them—spurring unexpected camaraderie in extraordinary circumstances. Featuring a rousing score of folk and rock, Come From Away honors the better angels of our nature, revealing hope and humanity in a time of darkness.

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg - Sept 12th to the 17th 

SEPTEMBER 12-17, 2021

(The block will close 30 days prior to the event, August 12th 2021)


Family Suites (sleeps 6) $95.00, plus taxes and fees = $108.40

Kid Cabin Suites (sleeps 7) $125.00, plus taxes and fees = $142.00

Loft Suites (sleeps 😎 $145.00, plus taxes and fees = $164.40

Majestic or Grizzly Bear Suites (sleeps 8)$155.00, plus taxes and fees = $175.60

Total room rate includes a $29.99 lodge fee (WAIVED), 12% tax and $2.00 occupancy tax per night.

Rate includes passes to the waterpark at no additional charge.

Be advised there are a limited amount of rooms held and are available on a first come bas

Pony Pals for ages 5-7 - Starts Sept 13th - FULL EVENT

Pony Pals for ages 5-7, - $110 for 6 week course. 60 minute hands on class where students will learn basic care and handling of ponies. Students in this class will learn proper handling, safety, grooming, tacking and more. Each lesson will also consist of a short pony ride! Students will need long pants, boots and a riding helmet. The stable does have a limited amount of riding helmets to borrow, but always best to have your own. If classes are cancelled due to bad weather the course will continue an extra week. If a student will be missing a class he/she may come to another session during the same week to make it up. Otherwise no make-ups will be scheduled. 

Minimum 4 students, maximum 8. Students may repeat this class as often as they like.

IF you would like to sign up for her classes - comment below and plmk which date and how many and I will reach out to her and give her a headcount for this class....Fall classes will begin the week of September 13th and go for 6 consecutive weeks.

Mondays: 11:30-12:30 pm and or Thursdays 1-2pm 

Beginning Riding A - Starts Sept 13th

Beginning Riding A for ages 8 and up. 160 for a 6 week course.

Beginning Riding A is designed for kids 8 and up who have very limited or no horse experience. During each 90 minute hands on class students will ride for a short time and also learn many aspects of basic horsemanship such as haltering, grooming, safety, tacking, nutrition and more. This class is designed to give each student a good foundation in horsemanship and is the perfect starting place for anyone who is just curious about horses to those wishing to become pro riders. After the six week course is finished students wishing to continue their equestrian education may choose to continue to Beginning Riding B, go straight into regular group riding lessons or do both! Students will need long pants, boots and a riding helmet. The stable does have a limited amount of riding helmets to borrow, but always best to have your own. If classes are cancelled due to bad weather the course will continue an extra week. If a student will be missing a class he/she may come to another session during the same week to make it up. Otherwise no make-ups will be scheduled. Minimum 6 students, maximum 10. This class is designed to be taken only once.

Mondays: 12:30-2 , 5-6:30, Tuesdays: 1-2:30, Thursdays: 11:30-1 - 

See the FACEBOOK group page for all the details and how to sign-up

REACH Fun Day at Reclaim Arcade - 2 dates in Sept

REACH Fun Day at Reclaim Arcade in Fredericksburg

Sept - 12:30-2:30pm - $11.00 per person - private event - we are the only ones there during this timeframe...

Come and play unlimited games for 2 hrs - no tokens or quarters needed - play pinball games, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Mrs Pac Man, Tron, TMNT, Mortal Kombat and more.... Fun for everyone.

Reptile Workshop - Limit 15 students - 2 workshops 

My Three Chambered Heart is coming to do a live presentation for us in Sept from 12:30-2:30 and 3-5pm at the church (Chancellor Christian Church off of Brock Rd in Spotsy Co)- this is limited to 15 kids per timeframe - this class is very hands on...

A typical presentation would cover what is a reptile, go in depth into the four orders of reptiles, show reptile specimens (skeletons, bones, skins, preserved animals), and live reptile ambassadors, usually 6-10 unique species per two hour class. We have activities and time at the end for photos with the animals. At the end the kids will get to take home a specimen jar....

My Three Chambered Heart provides educational shows with an exciting hands-on component. Ambassador animals travel along with us and are able to be touched, held, and interacted with. Presentations are tailored to the appropriate age group or academic level and are rich with scientific facts, interesting new research in the field of herpetology, and personal anecdotes

We did this last year the kids and parents loved this workshop.. this event is for all ages

REACH Swap n Shop - Sept 2021

What is a swap and shop - bring in items you no longer need or want and take home what you want or need - everything is free...

Items to bring - clothing, toys, hh items, dvd's, cd's, books, jewelry, gift items, crafts, fabric, sewing, art supplies, paper, office supplies, hats, belts, shoes, purses, seasonal items, comforters, pillows, dishes, pots and pans, pictures, picture frames, knick knacks, small lamps, curtains, bath sets, small furniture, electronics and so on... We ask no large exercise equipment or large furniture....

Drop off between 10-noon - shopping is from 10-1pm... Whatever is left over is donated to either goodwill, salvation army or if a local church or facility needs donations we will give to them.

So clean your house over the summer - save the items and bring to the S&S and bless others...

Yovaso Club host Kristen Mallory - Sept 17th 

The Yovaso club will start up on the 17th of Sept with a guest speaker Kristen Mallory - The event will take place at the church starting at 11:30am. This is for families of all ages - Come and hear Mallory's story - we are asking a $5.00 donation per family to cover their expenses to come and see us....The YOVASO club is a club for middle and high school students that teach pre-teens and teens about the dangers of driving - it teaches them about distractions, texting and driving, phone calls, video taping, reckless driving, drinking and driving. As a club they have challenges that they do and compete against other school clubs.  I highly recommend this club for those that will be driving soon and those that are driving...

If you would like to attend comment below - there is limited space in the Church Sanctuary so once the event is full it will be closed out...

Chancellor Christian Church off of Brock Rd in Spotsy Co....


Hello all! I'm Kristen Mallory! My mom, Susan, dad, Mike, and I are the founders of Mallory's Movement Against Drunk Driving which is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit corporation. On June 9, 2013, my life was changed forever by a drunk driver. As a survivor of this horrific event, I've made it my life’s mission to share my story in order to spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is important to me that people understand the long-term implications of something that is 100% preventable. With this mission in mind, I speak at high schools, colleges, prisons, police department training academies, military bases, conferences and pageants by partnering with Chesterfield County Schools, Chesterfield County Police, the Virginia State Police, the Victim Services Unit of the Virginia Department of Corrections, Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety (YOVASO), the US Navy, US Air Force, and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). I'm passionate about doing my part in preventing others from being impacted the same way I have, but I also hope to inspire others who have been affected by similar circumstances to see that they too can survive and show they are not alone. I'm open to any opportunities to share my story because it is my goal to let my message reach as many people, in as many communities, as possibl

Turn t-shirts into tote bags - Sept 2021

Mark your calendars to come the Church  and learn how to take t-shirts and make them into tote bags. The event is free to attend - you can come and go - this is for all ages. The Fredburg food bank makes these tote bags to give to people to use when shopping so that we can reduce plastic bags.

They will bring some t-shirts but if you have some t-shirts mostly adult sizes that you are no longer needing bring to the event and we will show you how to turn them into tote bags.  NO experience is needed and no sewing is needed - you can make the bags without using a sewing machine or a needle.... I made one last week and it is easy to do - you can make one I say in about 15 minutes...

You will need to bring the following - t-shirts, scissors and painters blue tape.

So with all the activities going on that day just pop in for abit and sit down and learn how to make these tote bags - you can give them as gifts at Christmas if you like and you can donate some to the Fredburg food bank to take back home with them to give out to people to use.

So a fun activity for all...

Child Babysitting and Safety Class - Sept 22nd - FULL EVENT

Child Babysitting and Safety Class - Date is Wed Sept 22nd, 2021 from 9-3pm... This is a 6 hr class. Mature 11 and up is fine to attend - Limit 10 students.... Bring a bag lunch with you and something to write with - all other supplies will be provided for this class...

This is a comprehensive class where they receive a certification card from the American Health and Safety Institute. The class covers the following:

Feeding and diapering basics, Soothing and amusing babies and children, Child safety and how to keep themselves safe

The financial/business side of it, Touches on CPR and First Aid

Magic Show with Wes Iseli - All ages welcome

Magic Show for all ages - Come and be entertained by homeschool dad Wes Iseli.  He performs over 400 shows per year.

He even performed in Vegas and stumped Penn & Teller - so don't miss out - limited seating - for all the details see the Facebook

group page or your email.... 

SeaQuest Aquarium - Sept 2021 - FULL EVENT 

Are you ready for an exciting journey around the planet? Here at SeaQuest, we have over 20,000 square feet of adventure where you are invited to touch, feed & interact with animals from five continents,  SeaQuest provides enhanced, age-specific Field Trip adventures for learners of all ages. Field trips are led by a team of educators. Each guided tour and hands-on interactive experience delivers:

An increased appreciation for our planet’s oceans

A new respect and awe for marine life and the rich aquatic resources of our planet’s wetter 78%

Understanding of our ecosystems as they engage the senses for maximized learning

Encounters with sharks, stingrays, sea jellies, octopuses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, tropical and cold water fish and much more

Free time to explore

Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands on activities designed to test their observation and scientific reasoning skills. Teenage explorers will enjoy live bird demonstrations and learn about animal psychology, positive reinforcement as a training tool, symbiotic relationships and the dangers of invasive species which are taking over certain habitats in the wild and

Take an in depth journey behind the scenes with our NEW Science Lab.  - See the fb group page for all the details

History Time Henry - Oct 1st, 2021 

Michael Schloegl, performer and creator of History Time Henry has appeared on stage throughout the US and Europe in numerous musical theatre productions. A founding member of Vital Theatre Company in New York City, he wrote and directed “Three Bears and a Babe” and “The Chrismouse Story” for their children’s theatre program. Michael works with elementary and high school students in the tri-state area as a director, designer and choreographer of musical productions. He teaches workshops in Creative Dance and Musical Theatre in afterschool and summer programs.

The Places and times We visit in his time machine...

The Revolution, Women's Right to Vote, The Civil Rights Movement

Space Exploration, Early Frontier, Tour the White House, Military Conflicts, Historical Monuments

For location, time and cost visit the Facebook group page for all the details....

Virginia War Memorial - Richmond - Oct 3rd

We are scheduled to go and visit the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond on the 3rd of Oct at 12:30pm - this event will be before

 we visit the Historic St John's Church to hear Patrick Henry's famous speech.... We’ll have a docent here to lead your group around, 

though if some people would prefer to do a self-guided tour they’re welcome to do so. Our tours are traditionally about 90 minutes, so 

I’ll make sure we have the window of 12:30-2:00 reserved - THIS EVENT is FREE to attend and all ages are welcome... 


WELCOME TO THE Virginia War Memorial

Through the stories of those who served, the nation’s leading state War Memorial honors Virginia’s fallen and preserves the past. In the process of helping veterans find their voice and collecting and telling their stories, the Memorial also educates and inspires for the future.

Take a moving, reflective walk through the heart of the Memorial: the Shrine of Memory.

During World War II, nearly 10,000 Virginians made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Five years later in 1950, the Virginia General Assembly authorized the construction of a memorial to honor and remember them.

By the time the Memorial was dedicated on February 29, 1956, remembering those Virginians killed during the Korean War had been added to the Memorial’s design.

To design the Shrine of Memory, Architects Samuel J. Collins of Staunton and his nephew, Richard E. Collins, combined mid-century modernity with the timeless style of a Greek temple. The open pavilion fully embraces its dramatic site on more than four acres overlooking the James River and downtown Richmond – a view that’s seen through huge sheets of glass engraved with the names of the fallen.

With their names forever set against the backdrop of their capital city, they’re watched over by sculptor Leo F. Friedlander’s “Memory,” a 22-foot-tall statue of a woman in grief. An eternal flame flickers at her feet.

The Virginia War Memorial, 621 S. Belvidere St. Richmond, VA 23220

Private Event - Patrick Henry's Speech - Richmond - Oct 3rd

St John's Historic Church - Richmond - Come and hear Patrick Henry's famous speech "Give me liberty....or give me death!) on Sunday Oct 3rd at 3pm - this is a PRIVATE EVENT for REACH members - we will watch a live re-enactment of this famous speech. Afterwards you are welcome to tour the grounds and see who also is famous that is buried there. You will be surprised at some of the names...

When you arrive you will take your seats inside the church and who knows you could be sitting next to George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and many others - they sit in the audience with you..... so it is like stepping back in time as you watch how this unfolds - you are a time traveler in history....

Round Hill Farm Pumpkin Patch - Oct 2021

Round Hill Farm Pumpkin Patch fieldtrip - The cost is $9.00 per person.... they had an increase this year in pricing - If you want to attend comment below - pymt for this event will be due in full by the 5th of Sept... This event is outdoors so please dress for the weather.... they close at 5pm so you can stay as long as you like....

You are welcome to bring a lunch and eat on the grounds there - this is a fun fieldtrip and all ages are welcome - 2 and under are FREE....


A tractor-drawn hayride carries your group to the Pumpkin Patch ablaze with bright orange Halloween pumpkins. Your students or group members will pick from pre-cut pumpkins that have been specifically selected for their age group. Each child will also take home 1 apple and 1 gourd.

After returning from the Pumpkin Patch your students are encouraged to visit the barnyard animals with more than 30 farm animals. This is an opportunity to educate your group on the characteristics of farm animals and their role on a Virginia farm. Then get lost in one of the two haybale mazes or take a pony ride on one of the farm ponies. You are also welcome to enjoy the picnic area for lunch or snacks (please bring bag lunch, does not include concessions) and romp on the farm’s playground.

Give your students or small group an educational and adventurous field trip they will never forget.

Welcome to Fall and Round Hill Farm!!!

Each field trip includes:

hayride to the pumpkin patch

a hand-selected pumpkin (cut and ready to pick)

each child also gets one gourd and one apple

farm animals


hay maze

corn maze

picnic area

One Day Writing Workshop with John Jenkins - Oct 6th

ONE DAY Writing Workshop for 7th to 12th graders - Oct 6th 1-4pm... John Jenkins is coming to do a workshop for us...

Who is John Jenkins:  John is a publisher, author and conference speaker for Reconciliation Press. John lives in Culpeper , Virginia, where he teaches and writes primarily for homeschool students and parents.

His writing credits include: Bloodlines, a novel originally published in 1993 by Servant Publications, and the first four books in the Century War Chronicles series designed for upper elementary and middle school students. Focus on the Family published nine of John’s short stories including “If One Falls” which took the Higher Goals first-place award for fiction in the 2000 EPA publisher’s competition for Breakaway magazine.

Since 1998, John has been conducting both writing and critical thinking classes and workshops for homeschoolers, presenting to and working with over 1900 students and parents. John also offers storytelling and authoring mentorships to both adults and students with a serious interest in fiction writing.  John’s books are currently available on the Reconciliation Press website at Century War Chronicles, an exciting lineup of books for youth and adults. His newest books, I Love Base Ball and Ghost Pirates Trilogy, are now available in soft cover.


Effective Writing Workshop - Grades 7th -9th and 9th -12th

In John Jenkins 3-hour family-oriented workshop, parents and students will learn time-tested and proven fundamentals to successfully plan, write and rewrite a paper. This workshop balances principles of the pre-writing and writing processes with practical techniques refined over 20 years in teaching home school students. Our class maxim: To write well requires that we know what we are going to write before we write it!

Goals:  – For 7th-9th , learn how to write a successful high school paper

– For 9th-12th , learn how to write a successful college paper

For more info visit the REACH Facebook group page 

Disney on Ice - Eaglebank Arena - Fairfax - Oct 2021

Disney on Ice is returning this year and will hold a show at EagleBank arena in Fairfax.  For details

on cost, date and time - visit our Facebook group page

Safari Park - Oct 2021 - FULL EVENT

The Safari Park is up and running again and they are doing the wagon rides in the fall...This event is so cool that the animals come up to the wagon and you feed them - the bison are so cool as they open their mouth up and you just drop the food in.... gentle giants they are...

Tour runs for 1 hr... Each paying person will get Animal feed for each person

SOL-based animal information, presented by our knowledgeable drivers

A visit to the Village Walk-Thru, Giraffe Feeding Station, Petting Area, and other animal exhibits

Use of covered picnic pavilion and restrooms

A stop at the Trading Post Gift Shop with gifts and souvenirs to fit any student's budget

Potomac Eagle Railroad - Oct 2021 - FULL EVENT 

This is a must to do - if you have never taken a ride on the Potomac Eagle you are missing out on some of the most beautiful scenic mountains and waterways... The water is a clear blue and during the fall the leaves are so pretty on the mountains... and the best part this area is known for a large Eagle population and you can see them flying overhead the train or in the sky and sometimes you can see their nest.... last year we saw over 30+ Eagles - Limit 250 total..  See Facebook group page for all the details... 

REACH Homecoming Dance - Oct 2021

Homecoming Dance - Homecoming will be at The Inn at the Old Silk Mill in Fredericksburg from 6-10pm. This is for homeschoolers mature 12 and up. This event is limited so make sure to rsvp for your ticket as this event will sell out... This year's theme is "City of Stars" - all of REACH teens are STARS....Please bring a drink or two and finger food for this event - food items can be chips and dip, veggie tray, fruit tray, cookies, pizza, chicken wings, chicken, sandwiches, cake, fruit salad, potato salad, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, crackers, salad and so on...

Dress code - semi formal or formal or Sunday best is fine.     Our DJ will be returning to play music for us again...

We will have lots of fun with music, dancing, food, dance competition, and a few surprises add in that night. Also this year we will select a Homecoming King and Queen...  

Gold Over America Tour - Capital One Arena - Oct 31st

Do you want to go and see the Gold Over America Tour starring Simone Biles and other champion gymnasts...

Date is Oct 31st, 2021 at the Capital One Arena in Wash 7pm

See the facebook post for cost and times.... 

Sleeping with the Sharks - Nov in TN

Do sharks sleep? Find out for yourself when you spend the night at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in TN. After a fun-filled night including a late night snack, scavenger hunt, and late night activity, drift off to sleep while sharks keep a watchful eye on you!  Then the next day you are free

to tour the aquarium on your own... For all the details visit the fb group page or your email